Saving Oklahoma's Future, Inc.

Oklahoma's future is being threatened by a State Legislature and State Governor that is out of touch with what is necessary to develop a vibrant and growing state populace and economy.

We are a non-profit educational and advocacy organization to ensure that our state is not devastated by the myopic and misguided acts of those currently controlling our government affairs.

Please help us save our State from a devastated future by informing your Legislator and Governor that we will not sit by and watch them take us down a path of self-destruction.

Take Action

The most radical tax cut plans may now be off the table, but the proposals still being considered could do lasting harm to core services, endanger our fiscal stability, and threaten tax credits that are important to hundreds of thousands of working Oklahoma families.

We are asking you to take action to tell legislators that tax cuts are the wrong priority for Oklahoma. We hope you will take action yourself and actively encourage others  - your colleagues, memberships, networks and friends - to do so as well. Your calls, emails and letters to your legislators, the Governor, and key legislative leaders who will be making decisions and casting votes in the coming days are needed.

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