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With the end of the legislative session just over two weeks away, critical choices on the budget and tax policy remain to be decided. We hope you'll take a couple minutes to read and share this information on a new poll showing opposition to tax cut proposals, a new video on the importance of broad-based tax credits, and how you can get involved.

Poll shows Oklahomans oppose tax cut plans

A poll released this week by the Oklahoma Advocacy Project shows strong opposition among Oklahomans to reducing and eliminating the state income tax. The poll finds that large majorities oppose a tax cut if it means less funding for schools (81%) , roads (78%), and public safety (80%). The poll also shows that 70% of voters believe that cutting the income tax will lead to higher sales and property taxes to provide necessary funding for schools, roads and public safety.

Click here for the pollsters' memo on the tax cuts, which includes their topline survey results, the Oklahoma Advocacy project press release, and a set of graphs displaying key findings.

Why raise taxes on working families?

Lost amid much of the tax cut discussion has been the fact that proposals coming out of the legislature would actually increase taxes on hundreds of thousands of low- and moderate-income families. That’s because they could lose a host of broad and effective tax credits - the child tax credit, child care tax credit, earned income tax credit and sales tax credit - designed to encourage work, support basic nutrition, and support families with children. A new video produced by OK Policy shares personal stories of what the impact could be.

You can watch the full four-minute video or a shorter 30-second version. We have also produced an issue brief on these tax credits and their importance to working families.

Take Action
The most radical tax cut plans may now be off the table, but the proposals still being considered could do lasting harm to core services, endanger our fiscal stability, and threaten tax credits that are important to hundreds of thousands of working Oklahoma families.

We are asking you to take action to tell legislators that tax cuts are the wrong priority for Oklahoma. We hope you will take action yourself and actively encourage others  - your colleagues, memberships, networks and friends - to do so as well. Your calls, emails and letters to your legislators, the Governor, and key legislative leaders who will be making decisions and casting votes in the coming days are needed.

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